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Watch Out Publishing Houses, Newspapers Are Where It's At

Posted on September 22, 2011 by guest-nb There have been 0 comments

Hello readers! Katie here! It's been awhile, I know. I missed you, too.

My topic for this week's post (oops, I was supposed to post this yesterday, my bad) is something I had never heard of until Monday: newspapers publishing e-books. Now, we all know how much I love the concept of e-books, so the concept of newspapers following suite kind of burned my nuggets (so to speak).

Apparently, newspapers like The Huffington Post and magazines like Vanity Fair and The New Yorker are creating their own e-books by combining multiple articles on the same subject (usually a major news story) and selling them for under four bucks.

Now, even with my aversion to all things digital in the literary world, that sounds interesting to me. I will admit, I do read all of my news on the internet. And even though I hate the idea of an e-reader (I will never own one, you can't make me), the ability to read a bunch of articles on the same subject and follow the story from start to finish sounds really awesome.

The article that inspired this feature post of mine quotes Graydon Carter, the editor of Vanity Fair as saying: “It’s like having a loose-leaf binder and shoving new pages into it. E-books are a wonderful way to do a book and do it quickly. They don’t need to be fact-checked again. They do go through copy-editing. But you’re not reinventing the wheel each time.” Now, I'm no expert in the news cycle, but that's neat. Speed is definitely a plus in the news industry.

I have to say, I'm torn. I hate the idea of e-books, but combining news articles and making them available to the public doesn't sound that bad.

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