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Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication, Second Edition

Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication, Second Edition

Paradigms, Principles, & Practice

Paperback, ISBN 978-0-98395-584-9

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In the long-awaited second edition of Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication, Milton J. Bennett provides a comprehensive overview of the field from a constructivist perspective. In addition to his insightful analysis, Bennett offers a full complement of classic readings.

Publication Date: Aug 16, 2013


"How do people understand one another when they do not share a common cultural experience?" This is the first fundamental question posed in editor Milton J. Bennett's Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication. The ideas contained in this collection have been assembled from time-tested classics and more contemporary viewpoints. Bennett has selected and ordered the articles in developmental sequence to generate a coherent conceptual picture of how to successfully communicate with other cultures. The names of some of these articles speak for themselves: - Communication in a Global Village, Dean Barnlund - The Power of Hidden Differences, Edward T. Hall - Black and White Cultural Styles in Pluralistic Perspective, Thomas Kochman - Cultural Assumptions and Values, Edward C. Stewart, Jack Danielian and Robert J. Foster - Stumbling Blocks in Intercultural Communication, LaRay M. Barna - Transition Shock: Putting Culture Shock in Perspective, Janet M. Bennett - Beyond Cultural Identity: Reflections on Multiculturalism, Peter S. Adler These articles bring home the concepts of intercultural communication in a breadth of perspective that anyone interested in the subject will find both intellectually stimulating and relevant to his or her personal, educational or professional concerns.
Milton J. Bennett served in the Peace Corps in Micronesia, received his doctorate in communication from the University of Minnesota, and has taught communication at Portland State University. He is currently a co-director of The Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland, Oregon. He is also the co-author of American Cultural Patterns, with Edward C. Stewart.

"A concise and coherent overview of the intercultural field and an amazingly exacting work that challenges our thoughts and inclinations. An outstanding achievement."-Dialogin - The Delta Cultural Academy, Patrick Schmidt

"This innovate collection, with its developmental learning focus, explores the core building blocks of intercultural communication. The introductory chapter lays out a coherent, theory-to-practice foundation in explaining everyday intercultural interactions. This timely volume, with its provocative set of essays, illuminates the complexities of intercultural relations. The book will be widely read by educators, trainers, counselors, managers and anyone who is curious about the field of intercultural communication." - Stella Ting-Toomey, International Journal of Intercultural Relations